How to Choose the Best True Religion Skinny Jeans

How to Choose the Best True Religion Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have taken over the world fashion industry. After they were introduced to the world, people took to them quickly and they are donned by all types of people. Men, women and children all wear skinny jeans. Even the shape and size of your body does not matter when it comes to wearing skinny jeans. The only thing that people ought to note is the type of skinny jeans that works best for them.

If you want to get some unique True Religion skinny jeans, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. These include:


The most obvious thing when it comes to any pair of True Religion jeans is the fit. You have to get a pair of skinny jeans that comfortably fit your waist, that is, not too tight and not too loose that you have to support your jeans with a belt. In addition to the fit, you must also consider the type of waist that you are going for while buying your skinny jeans. Do you want a high or a low waist?

People who have chiseled abs or relatively flatter stomachs can get away with low wais skinny jeans. These rest attractively on the waist without creating a muffin top or exposing a big belly. On the other hand, people with larger waist areas, that is, those who are heavier on the top, would be best suited with high waist skinny jeans.

Legroom and Comfort

Though True Religion skinny jeans are supposed to fit snugly, you must always consider comfort. You should not get jeans that do not give you enough room to bend your knees or move around.  The right fit for skinny jeans is one that gives you enough leg room. Your calves and ankles should not feel restricted by tight pants.

Consider the Cut and Accessorizing

Skinny jeans have varying cuts at the bottom. There are some that go below the ankle while others end just above the ankle. You will have to choose between these if you are buying True Religion skinny jeans. This decision should be informed by your body type as well as the shoes that you would prefer wearing while in the jeans.

Apart from the cut, the type of waist on your True Religion jeans will also be influenced by the type of tops, shoes and other accessories that you have. Low waists can work with crop tops and other fitting tops to expose your curves. On the other hand, gypsy tops, frilled and looser tops would work best with higher waist jeans. You can also take a look in at a salon Ann Arbor when dealing with cuts and other beautification you wanted to enhance. You can also take a look at some cheap hair extensions online while you are scanning for enhancements you wanting to have.


True Religion jeans are some of the most popular in various stores all over the world. If you would like to get yourself a pair of skinny jeans, consider these factors to make your choice simpler. With these considerations, you would be able to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans to suit your body since True Religion has a wide variety of high quality skinny jeans to choose from.