Getting the Right Fit for Cheap True Religion Jeans

Getting the Right Fit for Cheap True Religion Jeans

One of the saddest tragedies when it comes to buying jeans is spending a lot of money on an ill-fitting pair. You either have to suck it up and stick to your choice or start the process of looking for the perfect fitting jeans all over again. Some people stick to fashion trends without considering the shape of their bodies. If you are too bent on what is in style, you might end up with an unflattering pair of jeans.

So, is there a formula to find the best fitting jeans? The following are guidelines and choices for different body types and what is flattering for each.

Apple Shape and Rounded

Someone who is apple shaped or rounded rends to be heavier in the midsection. The best clothes would be those that draw away attention from the midsection and highlight other areas of the body. It would be best to wear skinny jeans. They fit the lower half of the body perfectly thus bringing emphasis to your slender legs. These can be paired with flared tops which hide the midsection and therefore make you look more proportional. For this body shape, you can also focus more on a trouser-style pair of jeans which has wide legs all the way from the hips. This also brings proportion to your body.

Athletic Body

An athletic body comprises of bigger or more muscular thighs, a smaller butt and straighter hips. The best jeans for this body type are boyfriend jeans. They are roomy in the hip and butt area and this added space accommodates for the thighs as well. The other option is to get stretch denim jeans. These are ideal because they allow you to fit your thighs into your size and still have a firm fit at the butt. Non-stretch jeans would be uncomfortable since they do not provide for much movement around the thighs. If you opt to go a size higher to cater for your thighs, this means that your butt will probably look saggy in the jeans.

Hourglass Figure

The hourglass figure has more options when it comes to choosing jeans. One of the no-no’s for this body type is the boot-cut type of jeans. These tend to be stocky, hiding the legs and thus drawing away from the curves. They hide the frame. The best option is to go with skinny jeans. These highlight the legs and flatter the hips and all other curves. Exposing the hourglass frame is a good thing since it shows off the flattering curves and proportional features.

Another option for the hourglass figure is to opt for medium-sized back pockets. Ensure that they are neither too small nor too big. The trick is to enhance or highlight your butt without exaggerating.


Cheap True Religion jeans are available in various sizes for women. You can use these guidelines to help you find the perfect fit for your body shape and frame. With the right jeans fit, you can include various tops and jackets to help you look even trendier.