Authentic Versus Fake Cheap True Religion Jeans

Authentic Versus Fake Cheap True Religion Jeans

Authentic Versus Fake Cheap True Religion Jeans

In your quest for cheap True Religion jeans, you might end up with a fake or a replica as opposed to the authentic brand. The only way you can avoid this is one of two ways. The first is to buy True Religion jeans at full price and only trust cheap ones during sales. The other option is to find out what distinguishes the authentic jeans from the fake ones in order to spot the fake and avoid buying it.

So, how do you know whether or not your cheap True Religion jeans are authentic?

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The stitching on the original pair of jeans is clean and meticulously done. On the back pocket, the ‘U’ is narrow but elongated at the bottom because it is supposed to be a horseshoe. On the other hand, fake or replica True Religion jeans have stitching that is far from perfect. The stitching is often coming off or not entirely clean. In addition to this, the horseshoe at the back is elongated horizontally and shorter at the bottom. Once you spot these anomalies, you can safely conclude that the pair of jeans is not authentic.

Inside and Second Label

The inside label of the authentic True Religion jeans is clear and legible. Every part of the label, usually in red, is very clear. On the other hand, fake jeans have labels that are not easy to read. Some places are blurred thus making it hard to read the label. In addition to this, the authentic True Religion pair of jeans has a second label beneath the first one. Most fake cheap True Religion and replicas do not have this second label.

Price Tag

Another indentifying factor when it comes to the authenticity of cheap True Religion jeans is the price tag. This has nothing to do with the amount included on the tag but with how the price tag looks like. The original and authentic True Religion jeans have a unique price tag that is printed onto fabric on the label. Fake cheap True Religion jeans do not have this. Instead, they have printed price tags that are stuck onto the jeans. This should be a sign that they are not original. There’s also a great deal of prices in nail salon in Ann Arbor. Especially when you want to have a great change in your looks. You can visit a lot of hair salon in Ann Arbor.


Another telltale sign that your jeans may not be the real deal is the zipper. For authentic True Religion jeans, no matter how cheap they are, the zipper is wide and has YKK clearly printed on it. Contrary to this, fake True Religion jeans which are attractive because of how cheap they are have a skinny zipper which is not clearly labeled.


With these differences you can easily tell the original from the fake. The only problem, sometimes, is that these jeans look too similar to tell apart. This might be an impediment when you are shopping online but not so much if you are in a physical store. At the end of the day, however, there are people who do not mind the fake jeans as long as they are cheap and they serve the purpose, even if they will not last long.