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Locksmith Car Key Replacement

How many times do you misplace your keys in a day? Almost everyone who owns a car has to come up with a formula to remember where their car keys are. This could be a decorative bowl near your door where you place the keys or even your purse or briefcase where you place the keys when you get to the office. Car keys are small and can easily be lost, misplaced or damaged. This is why car key replacement is a common service provided by a locksmith.

The reasons why you need car key replacement include:

Stolen or Lost Keys

Whenever a thief makes away with your bag or briefcase, you have to replace a lot of things: your identity card, credit cards and even car keys. You would also need car key replacement if you misplaced your keys somewhere. Firstly, this allows you to have access to your car. Without the keys, you would not be able to get in or start your engine. Therefore, the car would not serve its purpose.

In addition to this, you never know who stole your keys or where you may have lost them. This automatically means that you no longer have key authority. If the thief knows you have a car, they can easily access it. It could be stolen or you could also find valuables missing from your car. The same applies if someone came across the keys and knew they were yours. They could seize the opportunity to steal your valuables or even the car itself. The best solution is to get new keys for your car from reputable auto locksmiths.

Damaged Keys

Over time, locks can wear out and become problematic. In such cases, you end up struggling to open your car locks with the pair set of keys that you have. With an increased struggle, the probability of getting the keys stuck in the lock is very high.

What happens when your keys get jammed in the lock? You try to wiggle them gently so they can come out. When this does not work, the wiggle gets less and less gentle. Eventually, you have half of a broken key with the other half stuck in the lock. You definitely have to call an auto locksmith to remedy the situation. The professional will help to remove the broken key from the lock. You will then need a replacement set so you can still use your car.

Transponder Chip Programming

Car key replacement is not difficult. All an auto locksmith needs to do is rekey the lock or duplicate a key. In short, he or she just cuts another key. However, while this is simple and straightforward, you need to check whether your car has a transponder chip. If it does, you will need more than just a key that can fit into your locks and open them.

To check for a transponder chip, you can look at previous keys you have had for the same car. If there is a plastic bit near the grooves, then your car has a transponder system. This means that you need to get a transponder chip and have it programmed so it can ignite your vehicle. The signal in the chip is relayed to the transceiver in the ignition so you can fire up the engine. Without it, you car will not start.

Transponder programming is actually very simple. All you need is an auto locksmith who is trained in this and one who also has the necessary equipment for it. You could even do it on your own at home if you knew how everything works. However, entrust it to the professionals as they also replace your car keys. It is also important to keep in mind that these are two separate services and therefore each attracts a charge of its own. BUt just like tree service that can be done as a whole.


Locksmith car key replacement is one of the most common auto locksmith services provided. If you find yourself in a situation that demands these services, you can comfortably get a reputable locksmith to sort you out. Remember that there are some locksmiths who use the opportunity to duplicate keys so they can have unrestricted access to customers’ cars. It is therefore important to choose one that has insurance cover. This way, you are also assured that your safety is not compromised and that any valuables will remain intact during and even after the service is provided.

Finally, you can always get these services from your dealership but they will be much more expensive. Just stick to skilled auto locksmiths instead.

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